Rida Online

Welcome to Rida Online

With Reliability and High Speed We’ve Changed the Way India Accesses the World Wide Web.

Before Rida appeared on the scene, internet users were suffering the slow speeds and unreliable connections that dial-up modems could give. Rida Broadband Internet was the first Wireless ISP in India.

Our high bandwidths allow users to use the web the way it should be used, as a 365x24x7 business, communications and entertainment medium. Rida provides this service through its Wireless network on a subscriber’s PC / Corporate LAN using a Wireless modem / router. Rida’s fibre-optic backbone and its state-of-the-art Internet Node and Data Centre make our network capable of reliable Internet service.

High-speed surfing is now possible. Remaining connected 365x24x7 without going through the hassle of disconnections and logins is another powerful advantage. Broadband also frees up the telephone which was hitherto, engaged for the internet.

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