1. Internet to Schools, Colleges and Communities WiFi Campus

Internet is the gateway to the future of the children around the world and especially in remote areas. Governments and international organizations, such as One Laptop per Child (OLPC), are working to provide Internet access to schools, colleges and communities in these areas. In the absence of wire-line infrastructure, Wi-Fi networks have become a prevalent choice for these projects.

Rida is the only service provider who delivers safe and healthy internet (free from Pornography, sexual explicit, voilance etc.) solution to schools, colleges and Community.

2. Wireless Dedicated Business Connectivity (Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi Point connectivity)

Creating a wireless network, which caters to businesses, is a challenging endeavor. Business customers are accustomed to using high bandwidths in Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi Point. In addition, the connection stability must be high and comparable to those of wire line services in order to meet the service level agreements (SLA) demanded by this market segment.

Rida’s wireless dedicated connectivity solution for business connectivity is able to meet the challenge and provide high quality service to business customers with very low setup and maintenance costs. The solution is based on different frequencies (Licensed and Un-Licensed) bands, base stations operating in the 5.8 GHz, 3.9 GHz band or in the 2.4 GHz band, in conjunction with outdoor customer premise equipment (CPE’s). This combination provides high-throughput, stable network coverage for up to 45Km.

Extending Wi-Fi and the management of Wi-Fi services to retail locations, branch offices, and remote operations has become a no-brainer for enterprises everywhere. They need to reliably extending the enterprise network infrastructure with consistent user policies and centralized control to these remote locations, in a way that’s simple, strong, easy, and affordable.

3. Managed Internet & Security

Organisations of all kinds face an array of security threats – and must react quickly with limited IT resources. To address these threats we offers security solutions for specific business needs, we offers solutions that are specifically designed to meet the objectives of today’s Internet-connected business security.

  • Stateful Inspections Firewall
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Gateway Antivirus & Anti Spam
  • Intrution Prevention System (IPS)
  • Users Management
  • Control over un-healthy / Non work surfing
  • Allocation of Internet Bandwidth
  • Complete Reports & Analysis of Net Usage