Our Services

Home Services:

Our Wireless Broadband to Home (BTH) service ensures delivery of Broadband to customers without digging through premises.

Homes are getting richer with newer devices and wireless appliances that connect to the internet – High end phones, PCs, laptops, printers, digital photo frames, surveillance cameras, media centers etc. Our customers shall find convenience of using these devices wirelessly in their homes with our all home wireless solution. The all home wireless solution promises to simplify the complex task of networking of these devices without spoiling the interiors.

Customers can be rest assured of the wireless security, thanks to WPA2 and 802.1x security features of Rida’s Wireless Broadband service.

Enterprise Introduction:

Rida’s Digital Networks is building an all IP wireless network using 4th Generation technologies such as OFDM and MIMO. This network has at its core next generation IT and internet applications capability framework.

We believe that this capability foundation shall allow enterprise customers to explore newer ways of getting internet to their offices and also to build corporate networks using some path breaking innovative concepts. Cloud networking is one such concept in which enterprises can seamlessly connect their branches, extended enterprise network – comprising dealers, distributors, retail points of sale, employees working from home; to their corporate applications.

These arrangements, interestingly, can co-exist with present leased VPNs, offering complete investment protection and wired network like security. In fact they complement the present infrastructure of enterprises and create an additional layer of redundancy and robustness in the system, besides simplifying the network management and expansion challenges.

Higher uptime and cost savings are features of our all IP wireless solutions that can substantially benefit enterprises.

Internet Leased Lines

We recognise the importance of Internet in business today. To meet the varying needs of Enterprise customers, Rida is offering Enterprise-grade Internet services from 512 kbps to 10 Mbps.

At present, delivering Internet over wire to an Enterprise takes a significant amount of time. Some times, long delays (six months or more) are inevitable for the delivery (wires to reach the building premise). This is primarily due to long time required for digging the roads, Nagar Nigam permissions and in-building wiring. Even after a long wait there is no guarantee of Uptimes. Infrastructure in India is growing by leaps and bounds and many utilities / organizations dig the road(s) which leads to cable cuts, thus affecting the customer.

Rida delivers the Internet Leased Lines over Secure Wireless last mile. The devices used for customer service delivery are engineered to provide secure and reliable connectivity and higher uptimes.